Friday, August 9, 2013

Tower defence games you must play. (updated list)

Tower defence is a great genre for the strategists among us. A lot of lists already exist describing them. However most of them are a few years old and a lot of great new TD games came out during the past years. Let me sum the new and older ones up for you in no particular older. Feel free to leave suggestions for other games that belong in the list.


Let's start with Bloons. This surely must be one of the greatest TD games out there. There's a wide variaty of towers and updates, especially in the later editions. Most TD players know the game, but if you don't: don't look any further for a TD-game you want to play. Bloons 4&5 are awesome, but the earlyer versions were important for defining the genre to.

play Bloons 4

Plants vs. Zombies

Definitely a TD with an original concept, definitely one of the greatest TD's out there. There's smooth gameplay, great graphics, a good tactical idea behind it and humor. So what's the catch, you ask? Only a demo is available online. The real deal is available only through download and only free for a limited amount of time. Nevertheless, check it out, at least the demo! Oh yeah... plants vs. zombies 2 is coming soon!

Kingdom rush

Kingdom rush is another big name in the TD genre. There are 4 different towers available which you can place only on pre-determined spots. This limits your tactics a bit. However, the game looks great, has fun sounds, an upgrade menu and you have spells at your disposal. I can assure you, you'll have a lot of fun playing this game.


The game mechanics of Incursion are similar to Kingdom rush and just like Kingdom rush, this one is also a "must play". There are 3 types of towers which each produces 3 units. The units do the actual fighting, you can move them around close to there tower. There's a huge variaty of enemies and a fun storyline. Part 1 is a great game and part 2 a worthy follow up!

Cursed treasure

In cursed treasure you have 3 types of towers: demon, orc and undead. Each type can be placed only on a matching landtile. The game has upgrades, spells and a great design. Part 1 was better then part 2 in my opinion. However, part 2 is still a great TD game.


Onslaught has been around for a while now. It is your typical "place towers near a road and watch 'em pop enemies" game with one fun difference: placing towers near each other and fully upgrading will allow them to "work together". This way the towers will do cool combo's. You can also build your own levels. Try making a very long path and play that map if you have some time to waste.

play Onslaught

Hostile Ally Defense

This game might be familiar to a lot less people. It didn't cause as much fuss as most games in this list. However, I feel it belongs in this list anyway. In this game you're able to control the incoming mobs, making them towers of  your own. Sounds great, you say? I agree! 

Penguins attack

Penguins attack is as classic as TD's come. You can't be impressed with the originality that the games bring, but they are good in design and gameplay. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a fun standard TD game.


Does killroom belong in this list? Probably not... It is in here because it is a TD I created. Can you really blame me for some shameless self-promotion?

Enjoy playing, list will be updated...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New flash game published: puzzlepunch

I can proudly announce that I published a new game. It's a challenging puzzle games consisting of 15 levels.

-Mouse to move the puncher
-Arrow keys to rotate the puncher
-Click to punch
-Use escape to go back to the menu
-Use "r" to restart the game

You're supposed to get every marked tile covered by a block. Good luck!

List of Daggietainment flash games

Here's a list of the flash games I've made so far. A lot more will be added soon, I've got some strategy/puzzle games coming up.

1) Toys & Diamonds

>>>play here<<<

One of my earlyest games. The design is poorly at best. You have to drive a toycar around in order to collect diamonds. For some reason it became my best scoring game at Newgrounds. I assume that if you can look past the poor design, this game can be pretty fun.

2) To the finish

Very simple in design and gameplay. It's a short fun game that requires fast reactions.

3) Sandcastle showdown

No-brain shooting!
Jelle is a grown man who loves building sandcastles. Today he managed to build the best sandcastle he has ever made. Sandcastle Showdown is the story of Jelle's struggle to defend his work from the jealous bullies who are trying to destroy it. Bullies will come in higher groups and at faster rates at you. Stand your ground!

4) To the surface

Simple skill game. Get Kamiel the urchin as close to the surface of the sea as possible. The smaller green fishes will give you a better push and better score. If you get higher, score/fish increases but the density of fishes lowers.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Receive free stuff with freebiejeebies

Laptops, Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, Cash, Amazon vouchers and much more can be acquired freely with freebiejeebies. It is easy to! 

Is it legit? If it's on this blog, of course it is! Not convinced? Watch this fragment of 'The gadget show', at first they thought it was a scam as well.

Step 1: sign up here. 
They ask for your address info. The obvious reason for this is that they need an address to send your free item once you've obtained it. Don't worry, that's the only reason, you won't be getting spam or something in your mailbox.
Step 2:  Get your account activated
There are 2 ways to do this. The first one, which they promote the most is to complete an offer. This is usually a subscription or something that requires you to pay about 10$. I know what you think, so let's take a look at the second way.
When you refer 3 people your account gets activated to. So ask 3 friends and you're good to go.
Step 3: Get more referrals
This is your way to all the free stuff. Get family or friends to sign up with your referral link and start receiving free stuff. Depending on what you want you'll need more referrals. All of them are achievable though. You can get an Ipod shuffle with only 2 referrals. So get your mom and dad to sign up and it's yours ;)
An iPhone 5 is 27 referrals. Still easily achievable with some commitment, don't you think?
I'll probably be posting on how to get more referrals soon. For now, sign up, ask your friends and family to join and start receiving free stuff, just like me.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kingdoms CCG review

Kingdoms CCG is a Collectible Card Game which doesn't require any installation on your pc's hard drive. All you need is to do is register or make an account on one of the big flash game sites and you can start playing. There are lots of card games out there but for me this was a first. I didn't try any before because the idea of an online card game didn't really appeal to me. To much spare time got me to try one out anyway.

The campaign is a map with nodes. Each node represents a series of battles with the exception of some special nodes. In the battle you can play your creature-cards on 3 different positions. Furthermore you have gear-, spell- and rune word-cards. Each card has his own abilities and kingdom. You can collect up to approximately 500 cards. This gives you enough room to build unique decks and strategies that fits you. When you win the battles found in a node you earn gold which you can use to buy new cards. Another ingame currency are gems which can be used to buy from a more elaborate gamma of gems. Gems can be earned in various ways or by buying them with real world money. When you don't want to invest any money in the game you're still able to collect a good amount of them, just more slowly. Gems aren't necessary to collect a good deck but if you're a hardcore gamer that wants to collect every card in games they're a must. Another aspect of the gameplay is your hero. More heroes will join you when the campaign advances but only one hero can be active per battle, providing you with some extra abilities. Heroes can be bought to, either with gems or enormous amounts of gold. Then again, you'll do fine with the heroes you collect when the campaign progresses. Most battles are rather easy but some battles called challenges will  force you to put some serious thought in your deck and strategy.

There's also a multiplayer aspect to this game. When doing the campaign you can chat with other players. The community seems friendly and helpful. The real multiplayer consists of three parts: arenas, guilds and tournaments. This last one isn't released yet. In the arena you can chose if you want to play matches with a ruleless deck or matches with a deck that has to follow certain restrictions. Whatever you chose, in my experience you'll end up against a player with a lot more experience and far more structured deck. A level that can be reached only by some serious dedication to the game. I'm not there yet and decide to crawl back to the single player part of the game.

To conclude: the single player part can be a bit repetitive sometimes but the strategical freedom the game provides makes it fun nevertheless. The community is nice but participating in the multiplayer part requires some dedication to the game. For me this was a fun first experience with an online card game.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mochimedia and Mochiads for game developers: a review

Mochimedia provides flash game developers with advertising for their games, enabling them to make a dollar. But as the title of my review suggests: Mochimedia's is more then Mochiads alone, it has a lot more to offer. It's obvious where this review is going: yes, I like Mochimedia. Let me tell you why.

Before I start talking about all the Mochi-goodness let me tell you the downside of Mochiads. There are some sites that don't accept their advertising. I assume because the Mochiads preloader can be considered annoying for players. But hey, if watching an ad for a few seconds is to much trouble then they shouldn't be playing your awesome game at all.

Mochimedia offers 3 types of ingame advertising:
-Pre-game and interlevel ads are their most common ad types. It's also where the most money is. The player has to watch an advertisement for a few seconds before the game can start or before they can go to the next level.
-Click-away ads are 300x250 banners that can be placed anywhere inside a flash game where you find the room for it. They don't make as much money but are less 'invasive' and can be combined with pre-game and interlevel ads
-CPA-ads or Cost Per Action ads are recently introduced by Mochimedia. Those advertisement won't pay depending on the amount of views but when an action is performed. For example: an action can be registration on the target website. Up to five of these ads can be placed inside a game as a bar that becomes visible when the player hovers over a button. Since these ads are new I haven't tried them out yet but they sound pretty good to me. I don't expect them to generate more money then other forms of advertising but you don't bother players with them and you don't need to leave room for them inside you game. So why not use them? They sound like a win to me.

Almost any game that doesn't contain adult material gets accepted to mochimedia. As said before, there is more to Mochimedia then just the advertising. These are the most important in my opinion:

-The mochi leaderboard can be implemented inside your game, giving players some competition and therefor increasing the replay value of your game.
-Distribution service: Mochi helps distributing your game to flash game sites, therefor increasing the amount of times your game is played.
-You can use life updates to place a pre-game ad. This gives you the opportunity to make changes to your game and update it anywhere on the web by doing a single reupload.
-Traffic sharing can be used for free advertising. If you own an arcade/website/blog you can use traffic sharing to increase traffic to it. Depending on the amount of traffic your games get your 300x250 banner will be shown in games when there isn't a paid advertisement available.
-They have a referral program to. When you get people to sign up with your referral link you'll get 20$ once they've earned 100$. Not the best referral system imo since having a referral that actually earns 100$ is a long shot, but it is what it is.

Payments are made with either Paypal, Moneybookers or a check once you've earned $100. Mochi is great, but if you're not convinced check out my review of epic game ads as an alternative. Else: sign up to Mochimedia here!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Epic game ads for game developers: a review

To advertise inside games there are two websites that come to mind: Mochimedia and CPMstar. Well, there is also Epic games ads. Epic game ads is far more known for their advertising on game portals (Epic game ads for publishers), but they offer in-game advertising as well (Epic game ads for developers). We tried their services for developers out for you!

Epic game ads offers one type of ingame ads: simple 300x250 ads. Whether you place them as a preloader, in between levels or any other creative way is up to you. As long as there is 2 minutes in between impressions by the same player it's all good. I didn't have much problems implementing the ad, it is important that you follow their instruction precisely though. Also, you have to publish your swf as flash 10 or higher (go to file, publish settings), otherwise you'll get an error. If I remember correctly, this could be a problem if you're still using flash CS3. You can find an example of how I implemented the ad in my game here.

Now let's talk some money. That's probably the main reason you came here. I posted my game with Epic game ads on Newgrounds and flashgamedistribution. Most traffic came from Newgrounds, meaning it should attract traffic providing good CPMs*. The CPM I got was $0,22. Is that high? Well, in comparison to Mochimedia's preloader ads that's pretty low. But in comparison to Mochimedia's ingame 300x250 banner ads that's actually high. Epic game ads will pay you once you collect $50.

Edit: at least that 50$ is what the site says. I earned 0.52$ by the end of march and they actually payed that out, I have it on my paypal account. Also, I've seen my cpm reach up to 1,43$ one time.

So, to conclude, when do you wanne use Epic game ads for advertising?
Well, there is a place for ingame advertising with Epic game ads. It can fill the gap that CPMstar and Mochi leaves open:
1) CPMstar doesn't allow unsponsored games, Epic game ads does.
2) Mochimedia can give you much higher CPMs, but only if you implement their preloader ads. Those preloader ads can be considered more annoying by players and there are sites that don't accept Mochi. So if you wanne post your game on more sites or aren't a big fan of the preloader ads, Epic game ads is a good way to go.
I'll be using Epic game ads again to advertise on websites that don't allow Mochiads. Still, for anything else my true love is Mochi, if only for all the other services they offer.

Sign up to Epic game ads.

Sign up to Mochimedia.

Sign up to CPMstar

*CPM being the money you'll get for 1000 views, views from countries like China will cause a low CPM, while views from the USA (and most  European countries, Canada,...) will cause high cpm's.